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  1. absolute pitch

    • IPA[ˌabsəluːt ˈpɪtʃ]


    • n.
      another term for perfect pitch;pitch according to a fixed standard defined by the frequency of the sound vibration.
    • noun: absolute pitch

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    • 翻譯 語言學文章

      ...發聲上的物理特性,因為此物理信號在許多方面跟音韻系統少有關係。 The absolute pitch of the sound, the rate of the speech, or its loudness is not linguistically...

    • 問~~投手 ”球路” 的英文單字...

      ...need to make a ball that heavy, then everybody would do it. That's such a valuable pitch, and he throws an absolute bowling ball." ~ 紐約時報 ~ translated by blog - BMW...

    • [求助]機械單字.英翻中

      ...加速器backlash:後座力;反衝brake:煞車;制動器circular pitch:循環螺距/齒距clutch:離合器;離合器踏板;起重機抓爪coefficient...pinion:游星齒輪;減速驅動齒輪;小齒輪pitch:螺距;紋槽間距pitch circle:螺距圓pitch diameter:螺距直徑power:動能;功率...