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  1. abstract attitude

    • KK[ˋæbstrækt ˋætətjud]
    • DJ[ˋæbstrækt ˋætitju:d]


    • ph.
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    • 誰可以幫我找到這期刊的電子檔

      ...2008, Vol. 39, Iss. 5; p. 795 - 813 Abstract (Summary) In this paper, we use the...various countries relate to traditional gender role attitudes of managers from these countries. ...

    • 救救我....中文翻成英文

      Abstract: The Watson Caring for the application of the theory to help mothers give birth to a emotional reactions to stress the case, I support the side to help make the case in care during the positive attitude and willingness to open our hearts to accept the facts, then learn from hospital care, which is the...

    • 誰會翻譯呢?誰能救我呢.......我會很感謝低...

      ... , defensive. 大致外觀: 穿著合宜, 有防禦心 Attitude : cooperative 態度: 合作的 Attention : ...受損的 Memory:impaired 記憶: 受損的 Abstract thinking:intact 抽象思考: 未受損的 ...