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  1. abused

    • abuse的動詞過去式、過去分詞
  2. 知識+

    • ”stream of abuse”的涵義

      stream of abuse 意思跟 stream of cuss 差不多意思是 "一連串罵人的話"例如 :She greeted me with a stream of abuse. 她一見我就吐出一連串的污言穢語 / 她一見到我就劈哩趴啦罵了一大串

    • Prison Abuse Investigated

      (1)Two state investigations by the Attorney General's office came up empty handed 州政府啟動的兩項調查(一是由檢察署Attorney General's office, 另一由Department of Correction獄政司)都...

    • 幫我寫一篇英文作文

      Child Abuse -- Home Is Where the Hurt Is...out on (拿別人出氣) their children. “Child abuse” is very common. Home is where the hurt ...