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    • 問[九年國教]or[九年一貫]的英文單字?20點~~~

      ...   11 學習階段 Learning Stages   12 學力指標 Academic Attainment Indicators 指課程實施後,教育行政機關或學術機構針對學生習得的實際...

    • 英文: 分發結果 怎麼說

      ... via Recommendation and Selection) 學力測驗: Academic attainment testing 中學基測: The Basic Competence Test...

    • 懇請高手幫忙一段英文翻譯

      ... links socioeconomic status and mental ability to educational and occupational attainment by means of intervening social psychological variables, including academic performance, the influence of significant others, and educational and occupational ...