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    • 1. 同意 They are ready to accede to our request for further information. 我們要是還需要資料,他們樂於隨時提供。
    • 2. 就任 She acceded to the throne in 1952. 她在一九五二年即位。
    • 3. 加入 Many countries have acceded to the treaty. 許多國家已加入了那個條約。
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    • 英翻中一句

      Last year Taiwan acceded to the WTO on the basis of a mechanism called the Minimum ...

    • 請問這段英文有錯嗎

      ... within the association, Mrs. Hsieh, Mei Mei (acceded to the position as) become the president of B.A.T (through the reelection...

    • 法律英文ratification vs. accession

      ...not signed a treaty during the time when it is open for signature can only accede to it. Therefore the term "accession" Hence, the difference between...