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    • Method of Acceptance英翻中20點

      Offers That Require a Specific Method of Acceptance 有要求同意接受特別方式的報價 An offer may prescribe the place, time, manner...

    • 幫我翻譯成英文~急!~(對孩子應有的態度)

      .Model graceful acceptance of your own shortcomings. Laugh at your own ... mistakes-learning patience, new skills and the development of useful experience. .Help your child explore the degree to which perfectionism...

    • 英文合約翻譯,關於付款條件

      ..."一樣,通常會把兩個字連在一起使用,已經成為一種慣例。 acceptance of the Products 產品驗收 approval of the Products 合格產品 waiver...