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    • 請英文很厲害的高手幫我翻譯一下這句

      ...ask if the site has the wired or WAP (Wireless Access Point) internet connection? (無線上網不一定只有WiFi還有其它如bluetooth等, 故用WAP較妥當...

    • 請協助幾句英文翻譯..謝謝!!

      ... an excellent combination of good image quality, sealed ruggedness, and universal access via USB connection 這個探針能夠製造出不錯的影像,讓OMEG更容易測量。我使用在忙碌...

    • 請問以下如何解釋?!

      If you are unable to access other sites, it is possible that the firewall in your organization does not allow connections on port 80. 如果你無法進入其它網站,可能是因為你單位的防火牆不允許聯結連接埠...