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  1. access road


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    • 採礦 CIVIL 開頭之英翻 懇請回答

      1.Civil Works = 土木工作。(避免混淆【工作】與【工程】)。 access roads = 通達道路,access 是【能夠進入】的意思,並不是【entrance and exit 】的意思...

    • 九份昇平戲院的英文介紹

      ... at sets upright qi the road and the light access road intersection, the occupying land area probably is...when on the theater admission, sets upright qi in the road stone steps wooden clogs sound, 絕 in the...

    • 幫我把下列英文翻譯成中文

      ...concrete, as well as site accommodation, temporary services, fencing and access roads. 這些活動例如: 搭鷹架和橋形台架 、 重形機械設備和它們的運 轉...