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  1. access time


    • n.
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    • 英文報告翻譯求助(超急)

      1. the access time is no different, you only need the prior filing, determine ...marriage may lead to family factors must drop out of school or press study time, so you cannot enter the student part, so the mind. 7. as long as...

    • 英文翻譯的問題喔(幫我看看翻的好不好)

      ..., based on stated preference (SP) data, show that air fare, access time, flight frequency and the number of airlines were the most important...

    • 一個英文單字問題?請達人幫個忙囉

      試著回答, 但不確定. "deonted"會不會是筆誤? 應為"denote". 則, denoted 是過去分詞, 這邊是被動式, the interaction是以Ta<60表示. denote vt. 1. 表示;預示;(符號等)代表 Dark clouds denote rain. 烏雲是下雨的預兆。 2. 意思是...