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  1. accident prone


    • ph.
      = accident-prone
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    • 請問兩句英文的中文

      Is he accident-prone or what? 他很容易受傷還是怎樣嗎? Yes, he seems to hurt himself a lot. 是的,他似乎常常受傷。 *accident是"意外事故",prone是"易於...;傾向於..." hurt himself是傷到自己

    • 急!!英文作文 (20點)

      ...whe operate vehicles under the influence of substances are prone to get involved in accidents and most of them fatal. The compliance of the traffic laws ...

    • 急徵翻譯高手 勿翻譯軟體 可簡化 贈20點

      ... basic jumps. CAUTION Beginners are often prone to accidents. Please do not practice walking without assistance.