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  1. accidental death


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    • 請幫忙改英文作文......20點 (感恩)

      The recent news about the accidental death of the brittle bone baby is a popular topic. ...錯處 我替你修飾了一些(僅供參考)!!1. 也可以用accidental death.2. 如果指的是"民眾的談論",用topic比較...

    • 中高級文法問題

      ... his favorite daughter’s grave after hearing of her accidental death. a. in which b. which 正解: a. in which which的先行詞就是這首詩Demain...

    • 拜求英文能力好的大大 (中翻英)

      ...offer an accidental insurance to you as listed below: 1. Coverage for accidental death : 1 million NT 2. Coverage for accident caused disability: ...