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  1. accidentals

    • accidental的名詞複數
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    • Gramma problem..

      ...就是多餘的用字, 不能出現. 2. Harry Whittington, the man ( accidental ) shot and ( wounded ) by US Vice President ...

    • 保險切結書翻譯...中翻英(急)

      意外險同意書Accidental Insurance agreement 本人***,因為在台灣工作所以特別委托公司代為辦理 work in Taiwan, should entrust XXX company to deal with my accidental insurance for NT$1200,000. 並同意該筆保險之費用於每個月薪資中扣除台幣...

    • 拜求英文能力好的大大 (中翻英)

      ... safety in the period of renting our bicycle(s), we offer an accidental insurance to you as listed below: 1. Coverage for accidental death : 1...