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  1. accommodation payment


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    • 回答hotel英文 accommodations check

      ...should be treated as oral exam. yourself on accommodation check:-: (1)hostel, inn, guest-house. (2)ask for supervisor to explain... the check-in booking----passport document----payment----show room by staffs-----key honoured-----any...

    • 報價單內容---翻譯成英文. 很急!!!!!!!!!!

      ...食宿交通簽證實報實銷或由客戶端提供。 The accommodation, traffic, and visa charges are for account of...零件耗材)以現金支付,收到匯款後5天內寄送零件。 Payment: The maintenance and repairs (incl. spare...

    • 商業用語翻譯成英文

      ...will be started immediately after receiving the payment. 2. 更換新品保固期為3個月。The warranty period...提供。The customer must provide or pay for the charge of accommodation, transportation, and visa must be paid on the basis of actually...