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  1. according

    • IPA[əˈkɔːdɪŋ]



    • prep
    • conj
    • 釋義
    • prep
    • 1. 根據

      according to plan/regulations 按照計劃/規定

      salary will be fixed according to age and experience 薪水將視年齡和資歷而定

    • 2. 取決於

      you get a different answer according to who you ask 你問的人不同,就會得到不同的答案

    • conj
    • 1. 取決於

      I'll act according as things turn out 我將見機行事

  2. 知識+

    • according to

      1. 根據;按照 Please arrange the books according to size. 請按大小將書分類。 2. 取決於 He will be punished according...

    • 關於accord這個字

      ... society, teachers don't enjoy respect accord to the doctors and lawyers. 樓上諸位...較之於醫師與律師的尊重一致性. 如果把accord改為分詞accorded可以嗎? 文法上是可以的, 但意思上我認為有偏差, 既是...

    • devotion ordinarily accorded ?

      ... - is almost instinctively treated with a devotion ordinarily accorded only to an object of national veneration, rather than any mere statute. 所以必須從[...