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  1. according as

    • ph.
      根據, 取決於;如果, 倘若
    • 釋義


    • 1. 根據, 取決於 We will play golf or stay home according as the weather is good or bad. 我們是去打高爾夫球還是呆在家裡取決於天氣是好是壞。
    • 2. 如果, 倘若 You will be able to do it according as you have the courage. 只要你有勇氣, 你就能做這件事。
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    • [急]according to和according as

      according to + Ving according as + 子句

    • 關於英文的一些用法

      ...According to the papers,our export is on the . increase every year.] according as [ According as you decide , you may dine in . or dine out.] as far as [...

    • 請問根據.依據的英文要怎麼說?

      to base on, to bottom on 或者 to ground on 都可以用 1. to base on 把...建立在某種基礎上 This play is based on a true story. 這齣戲以真事為基礎。 2. 基於,根據[(+on/upon)] Upon what does his claim bottom? 他提出這一要求的根據是什麼?