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  1. account for

    • vt.
      解釋…的原因; 是…的原因;說明…的下落
    • 釋義


    • 1. 解釋…的原因; 是…的原因 how do you account for the disappearance of the letter? 信不見了,你作何解釋? the accident cannot be accounted for 事故原因不明
    • 2. 說明…的下落 all the children have now been accounted for 現在所有的孩子都已經找到下落 two of the aircraft were never accounted for 其中兩架飛機一直下落不明
    • 3. exports account for 70% of their trade 出口佔他們貿易量的70%
    • 4. 摧毀; 殺死 the Germans accounted for a number of our aircraft 德國人擊落我方多架飛機
    • 5. 使…出局
  2. 知識+

    • that 以及account for 的用法!

      ...這些字怎樣怎樣 (XXX) 」也不錯。 現在這裡的 XXX 是「together account for between a third to a half of all written and spoken ...

    • account for

      1. account for all patients to the team leader 向領隊 ( 或組長 )負責所有病患的管理 2. All patients are account for with medical records intact 所有病患的情況均有完整原始的病歷來查知...

    • Export sales account for 翻譯一題

      Export sales account for at least half of our total business. 出口的銷售額至少佔我們總營業的一半. or 出口的銷售額至少佔我們全部生意的一半.