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  1. accountable

    • IPA[əˈkoun(t)əb(ə)l]


    • adj.
      (of a person, organization, or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible;explicable; understandable
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    • IPA[əˈkaʊntəb(ə)l]


    • adj.
      required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible: ministers are accountable to Parliament parents cannot be held accountable for their children's actions

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • ”be held accountable”是什麼意思?

      you will be held accountable您將必須承擔責任或閣下將需負擔責任比方說今天有人去一家商店買東西,商店...被判有過失,需要承擔法律責任cnn互動英語就有喔:be held accountable 該為某事負責任 圖片參考:

    • 翻譯: holds accountable for....

      請問什麼是holds accountable for? Reply: 對.... 負有責任 那X executives accountable for...

    • Is "liquid" accountable?

      It depends what kind of "liquid" you're referring to. One simple example that you can look up at online dictionary: "Oil, milk and water are all liquids." As to your question here, it just defines "a" (kind of) liquid...