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  1. accounts

    • account的名詞複數
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    • 何謂account

      ...noun) 1. 帳,帳目,帳單[C] The accounts show we have spent more than we received...把...視為[O9][O8] He accounted himself lucky. 他自認為很走運。 ...

    • account 科目?帳戶?

      ...translation of the following terms: 科目代號: an account code 科目符號: an account symbol 科目編號: an account people know what it is. For example: 帳戶代號 (account code) or 科目代號(account code)

    • accounts department中文翻譯

      一般公司我還沒聽過accounts department的, 只有accounting department會計部. accounting...來說account可以翻譯為帳戶或會計科目, 業務行銷部門來說accounts指的是客戶, 所以我們常聽到找廣告AE(Accounts...