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  1. accoutrement

    • KK[əˋkutɚmənt]
    • DJ[əˋku:təmənt]


    • 【主英】= accouterment
  2. 知識+

    • 只求一個英文單字~10點

      ...decoration; adornment; embellishment; ornament acanthus 【建】(柱頭上)莨苕葉形的裝飾;葉板 accouterment (常用複)裝飾,飾品;衣著 adonize 裝飾;打扮 adorn 裝飾;使生色[(+with)] adornment...

    • 有誰可以幫我翻一下中翻英呢?謝謝

      ...小後 and 小一, you look pretty cool in the picture while wearing skiing accouterment! I do like it! 小○, you must have a lot of fun, aren't you? Hope...

    • 英文如何翻成中文

      ...quot;) is a hip hop slang term which refers to expensive jewelry and other accoutrements, and also to a lifestyle built around excess spending and ostentation. ...