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  1. accumulated value


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    • 如何翻譯income ”steam”?

      ...是"income stream"吧 有幾種譯法給您參考一下 連續收入 例﹕the total accumulated value of an income stream (連續收入的終值) 6-7 節 積分在商學上的應用 http://web.thu...

    • 幫我翻譯 英文的Original Age的解釋 謝謝

      ...payable beginning at the original date of issue. This difference is accumulated at interest to reflect the time value of money. 拜託選我

    • 會計問題~korean GAAP to U.S GAAP

      ... for NPLs ! Required to accumulate LLR for the unused credit line ! Disposal of... based on market price ! Some value is lost when there is limit on disposal (eg, ...