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    have aches and pains all over

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    • 英文句子”翻譯”(急)+20點

      My head is aching badly.I need to take a rest. 我的頭痛得很厲害。我得休息一下。badly為非常地 惡劣地之意 After the race, I had aches and pains all over. 比賽後,我全身都在痛。

    • 幫忙將一些健康常識翻成英文~謝謝ORZ

      ...the lack of proper exercise at work; it is no wonder that there are bodily aches and pains. 保健之道, 除了妳找時間去找中醫推拿消除酸痛, 還有就是妳得每天進行適量...

    • (英文) ache 以及 then 之問題

      ...a real pain in the ass. (c) The pain of lossing her child is unbearable to the mother. 2. ACHE 的應用多半是指稱 "生理"... backed the car and then drove away. 』 問題: 此...