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  1. achieved

    • achieve的動詞過去式、過去分詞
  2. 知識+

    • achieve 與 reach 怎麼使用?

      reach 是行動上你達到或是彼如手碰到天花板之類ㄉ~ for example, my hand reached the ceiling. achieve 是你達到某成績/成就~ 抽像ㄉ~ for example, I achieved my quota this month.

    • Pure可做Achieve的受詞用嗎?

      I don't quite understand why you want to place an "adj" after "to". If you really want to do so, you can say" Achieve to be pure.

    • achieving his ambition...??

      he came so close to achieving his ambition should have been a dire warning to the other Elector Counts 他的功敗垂成,對於其他有投票權的伯爵而言,實為一大警訊。