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    • 請問各位大大可幫我翻譯這一句化學相關的句子嗎

      ...是因為酸性的溶液(電解液) arises from a competition between dissolution due to acidic solution 是因為(由)陽極電解膜(片)的參與反應 and film growth due to anodic P...

    • 請問翻譯高手協助(有關商品資訊~)

      ...-3 selectively removes gold, silver, and platinum group metals from acidic solutions; Ionac SR-3可以針對黃金﹑銀與白金等貴金屬群將它們自酸性...

    • 化學 CHEMISTRY pH

      ... = weak base + strong acid = gives a more acidic solutionNaCO3 becomes NaOH... pH)Na2CO3 will be the most basic solution because of the two moles of NaOH and the very...