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  1. act

    • IPA[akt]


    • v.
      take action; do something;behave in the way specified
    • n.
      a thing done; a deed;a New Testament book immediately following the Gospels and relating the history of the early Church.
    • verb: act, 3rd person present: acts, gerund or present participle: acting, past tense: acted, past participle: acted

    • noun: act, plural noun: acts

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  2. 知識+

    • act的用法 (10點)

      act [常用字] <<名詞>> 1 過程 the act of thinking 思維 2 行為 a charitable act 善舉 3...villain 演出反派角色 3 a. 模仿; 裝模做樣 Don't act the fool. 不要裝傻 b. 舉止合宜 Act your...

    • act後面的介系詞

      act in a play 是可以的, 看成 act " in a play" (演出"在一齣話劇中") act 的用法可以參考~

    • 關於Speech Act 的 request 報告

      ... of all, you need to understand what it meant by "Speech Act" ... read the one that is written for ESL teachers...