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    • 英文翻譯~很急很急~拜託大家了!

      1. acts according to this corporate accounting the receipt which, please search and collect. Myself am willing to take advantage of the opportunity once again regarding your...

    • <急>請高手替我翻譯幾句句子!謝謝>

      1. acts according to your limit of credit, I most can only lend you 150,000,000. 3. how will you be left over 6% lands to use? 4. I hoped that you commercial land can occupy...

    • According to的同義詞為何?

      ...06 13:52:16 補充: If you say that you are acting on the basis of something, you are giving that...2009-07-06 13:56:20 補充: You've got to play by the rules. (朗文 LDCE字典) ...