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    • 有人知道first nation這個詞的涵義麼

      ...term, promoted from within the indigenous community as a substitute for band in referring to any of the numerous aboriginal... government under the federal Indian Act of 1876. Unlike Native American...

    • 請教各位英文高手!拜託你們的幫忙喔!很急!

      這實驗研究檢查怎樣那些3 尺寸的公正的(分發,過程和interactional)影響過程attributional 消費者, 在不對消費者與貨幣原值有關的服務失敗上下文過程中的他們的恢復後滿意和行為的回應(repatronage 目的和負的口頭傳播)。 我們結果表明那痊愈結果( 例如補償),程式( 例如速度回收)和interactional...

    • 關於一篇嗎啡文章的翻譯

      ...more potent and faster acting, it replaced morphine... is a very potent drug known as an opiate that is ... continuously for relief of chronic pain such as...