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  1. act on sth.

    • ph.
      奉行, 根據某事物;對某事物起作用
    • 釋義


    • 1. 奉行, 根據某事物 Acting on information received, the police raided the club. 警方根據所獲情報, 突然搜查了那個俱樂部。
    • 2. 對某事物起作用 Alcohol acts on the brain. 酒精對大腦有影響。
  2. 知識+

    • 幾個英文單字用英文來解釋(急)

      ... without thinking egg (someone) on (慫恿某人)--urge or strongly encourage sb to do sth reinforce 增援,加強--give more support... as a drug slide 滑,滑行,滑動--act of sliding choir唱詩班;聖樂團--...

    • 以下單字有何差別? sth) / proposal (that ...) a formal suggestion or plan; the act of making a suggestion 提議;建議;動議 例...recommendation → [C] recommendation (to sb) (for/on/about sth) an official suggestion about the best thing to do...

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      ...morning, when I left to work, I would take sth in my hand an walk off with it, for deposit in...municipal wire trash basket at the corner of third, on the theory that the physical act of disposal was the real key to the problem...