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  1. act up

    • ph.
      (of a thing) fail to function properly;behave badly
    • 釋義


    • 1. (of a thing) fail to function properly
    • 2. behave badly
    • 3. be promoted to a more senior position on a temporary basis
  2. 知識+

    • act的用法 (10點)

      ... to act out his theory 想要把他的理論實現 2 衝動行事 act up 1 行為不軌 2 故障 3 ((口語)) 變得活躍; 使困擾 My left knee acts...

    • 有關3個英文片語的問題

      ...39;s tough luck." ("我差一分沒及格。" "運氣真不好。") act up 【俚語】 調皮;任性; 胡鬧 ex: The kids started acting...

    • 英文片語英文片語

      ... will give my life away. 我將獻出我的生命. acting as=擔任 acting up=矯揉造作; 假裝 acted as if= 舉止...如同.... act in 這應該不是一個片語...