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  1. action at a distance

    • ph.
      the exertion of force by one body on another separated from the first by empty space
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    • 物理解釋名詞

      ...’s Third Law     牛頓運動第三定律9. contact force, action at a distance    接觸力,施加並作用在一段距離10. Mass and Weight   質量...

    • 有關心理生理學slow potential(慢波)的問題

      ... out that certain neurons which have only to communicate with neurons a short distance away do not have action potentials at all, but only communicate values of their slow potential with ...

    • just和only用法的不同

      ...away. At a little distance--------- just down the road...; only--------------- just a scratch. Simply; for only one passenger. At the very least... or final outcome------------ actions that will only make ...