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    • 有be動詞的祈使句的否定句應該是 Don't be active. Yes, but "be not active" is stronger. 這裡可否改成 In your mode of living, don't be ambitious of.... Yes, but "be not active"...

    • 可以幫我修改一下文章嗎 ? 很急~~

      I have been a college student with Tamkang University for a while. (long time 太誇張了吧) As for me, there are certain types of things in college, which are quite different from high school, such as: Since the location of the college...

    • 徵請求英文高手 翻譯這篇文章 寫英文心得 (20點)

      美國地質調查在禮拜五指出, 在伊朗造成超過5000人死亡的地震跟兩個禮拜之前在加州, 新蘇格蘭, 巴拿馬, 墨西哥,印尼等地的地震都只一般模式的地震. 地震學家Jim Devine在美國監測地震機構說"我們處在地震活動頻繁的區域" Jim Devine說"在我們...