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  1. ad hominem


    • ph.【拉】
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    • What is 起 承 轉 合 ?

      ...with pretty much the same FACTORS. 2006-05-27 22:01:44 補充: FYI, ad hominem statements do not help to validate your points, you may want...

    • 議論文議論文怎麼寫?

      Argument against =for the favour of =fall into an argument with =teachers<--> students =argumentative ad-hominem gone due to Computer failure =give me five marks !?

    • 請問英文辯論有哪些反駁用語?20點!

      ...到所屬的類目下,以紅色區分。若是對方論點有誤可以參照底下這些辯論謬誤:ad hominem = 對人不對事的論點appeal to authority = 訴諸權威 (單單引用權威的話語作為論據...