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  1. adapt to


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    • 1. 使自己適應於 He always adapted easily to new circumstances. 他總是很容易使自己適應新的環境。
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    • adjust to+V-ing?

      請問有沒有這種用法 adjust/adapt to V-ing ------ 就讓朗文英英字典來回答你,底下是該字典條列的句型和例句... a new baby in the house. 家裡有新嬰兒時,小朋友需要協助才能調適 * adapt to doing something She adapted remarkably well to eating...

    • be adapted to 在此句中為何用被動阿??

      ...無論如何, 翻譯時千萬不要以被動方式說出來 Most wild animals can be adapted to rough weather conditions much better than we humans 大部份...

    • 新婚適應 1咖啡廳裡 :請幫我翻譯成英文,謝謝! (匿名)

      Adapting to newly married life In coffee shop S: Hi, how are... are getting married, are you planning to get married this year? M: I'm already married. ...