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    • 1. 總計達 The bills add up to exactly $100. 這些帳單加起來正好一百元。
    • 2. 意味著 His evidence really adds up to this: he didn't murder the man. 他的證據實際上意味著:他沒有謀殺那個人。
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    • 問英文 add up to

      ... into the bank [has] been donated to a charity. 2.determination 決心;cock 公雞;robin 知更鳥;mascot 吉祥物...意思?常常用的是決定吧! ex:He is determined to be a well-noted musician.

    • 英文翻譯-it does not add up to me

      ...increase the quantity from 5 containers to 12containers. It does not add up to me ! 現在客戶希望將原有的五貨櫃增加到十二個貨櫃,這不合理﹗ (...

    • 英翻中with hot water and In The m

      ...微波爐 Empty packet into microwave-safe bowl. 把整包倒入碗內 (可微波爐用的碗) Add up to 2/3 cup water or milk. 加 2/ 3 杯水 或 牛奶 Microwave on HIGH...