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  1. address

    • IPA[əˈdres]



    • n.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:addressed 過去分詞:addressed 現在分詞:addressing

    • 名詞複數:addresses

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 地址 not known at this address 查無此人
    • 2. 演說 to give or deliver an address 發表演說
    • 3. 稱呼 form or manner of address (for sb.) (對某人的)稱呼
    • 4. 地址


    • 1. 在…上寫姓名地址 to address sth. to sb. 把某物寫上姓名地址寄給某人 to be wrongly addressed 寫錯姓名地址
    • 2. 向…發表演說 Mr X will now address the meeting 現在由X先生向大會致辭
    • 3. 使…有針對性 to address sth. to sb. 向某人述說某事 any complaints should be addressed to the manager 任何意見都應當向經理提出
    • 4. 處理
    • 5. 稱呼 to address sb. as sth. 用某稱呼叫某人


    1. the particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated

    2. the place where someone lives or an organization is situated

    3. a formal speech delivered to an audience

    4. write the name and address of the intended recipient on (an envelope, letter, or parcel)

    5. speak to (a person or an assembly)

    6. name someone (in the specified way) when talking to them

    7. think about and begin to deal with (an issue or problem)

    8. take up one's stance and prepare to hit (the ball)

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