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  1. adhere to


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    • 1. 黏附 Mud adhered to our shoes. 我們的鞋上沾著泥。
    • 2. 堅持 She adhered to what she had said at the meeting. 她堅持她在會議上說過的話。
    • 3. 擁護;支持 We decided to adhere to the program. 我們決定支持這個方案。
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      Starbucks insistence: a. adhere to the taste and innovation: the sale of the highest quality fresh coffee beans...selection and management of the enterprises has also decided to success. Schultz once said: "Brand management is a...

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      ...the painting to the wall. 他把那幅畫緊黏在牆上。 Workers must adhere to the company's rules. 員工須遵守公司的規範 。 affluent 形容詞:富裕...

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      1. adhere to the ideals to be pursued! Insisting on self-criticism to go beyond yourself friends! Adhere to the cherished ability to be kind to others friends 2. for...