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    be adjacent to

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    • 跪求強者協助英文翻譯~ 這篇非常非常的緊急

      .... 圖1空腔重新蓄水的水力劃分 Left: Living cells adjacent to the embolized vessel create a driving gradient that draws water into the vessel...

    • [貿易]名詞解釋

      ...再裝在鐵道平板車上,所進行運輸的方式.The ramp may or may not be adjacent to a freight yard.這個坡道不一定會在貨物(櫃)場的附近  

    • 幫我修改英文文法 跟內容

      ...create a strong contrast. Whereas red is close to yellow and blue is adjacent to purple on the colour whee, red and blue are used to balance the...