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  1. adjoining

    • IPA[əˈdʒɔɪnɪŋ]



    • adj.
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    • 請問英文高手英翻中的句子open to

      He leaved the massive doors open to the morning light in the adjoining hall,Sunlight streamed in through the lattices of the hall...

    • 中文文字讀音與字義的問題

      ...pí ㄆ ㄧ ˊ ◎同“毗”。 English help, assist; connect, adjoin 毗拼音:pí 部首:比,部外筆劃:5,總筆劃:9 五筆86&98:LXXN...

    • 飛機劃位英文問題

      我想要兩個人坐在一起的位置,且一個想要靠窗 We would like two seats together, by the window. Can we have two adjoining seats by the window? We would like a window seat and the one next to it.