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  1. admission(s) office

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    • 英文翻譯加例句

      ...因為他的財務狀況不良. You have to go to the admission office to finish the paper work in order to get a room. 你要先... doctor interviewed the patient's father to find out if the illness is related...

    • (英文信件)如果我要寫信給一個學校單位,要怎麼稱呼

      不知如何稱呼或人名時多用: Dear Sirs, s 可加可不加 或 To whom it may concern, I am sorry to inform you that I cannot obtain the required document .

    • 問測量方面的英文口語用語

      ...desk. 3. Did you leave your admission ticket at the ticket office? Would you like to go back and have a look...immune system may be weak now. But there's not much to worry about. / Please don't...