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    • my family

      My name is Vicky,my mother is a housewife and father is a man who help other people adorn their house ,I have a sister and a brother, all of us are students, I love my family.

    • 關於新年的英文單字.意思 造句

      ...a traditional New Year dinner. 8.decorate To furnish, provide, or adorn with something ornamental; embellish We decorate our house for New Year. A specified kind of nourishment...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯一下這段英文?

      重大的追求 那是莊園眾議院是非常有趣的而且稀有的第 19個世紀壁紙的家。 知道如 Francois Delicourt 的重大 Chasse, 1851 法國紙已經裝飾太太的牆壁自從 1902 以後坐著房間. 最近回復的紙是只有一隻手之一-充滿的今天存在的這個特別的工作,而且在美國是...