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    • 幫幫忙能幫我一個忙嗎我需要150個單字

      .... adroit [形] 機巧的,熟練的 同義字:adept He is adroit in handling machinery. 2007-10-07 23:39:39 補充: adept [形] 熟練的,擅長...

    • 全民英檢中級作文批改~希望專業人士解答:)

      ...039;s horizons be skilled in = be good at ( 你也可以改成be adept in 或 be adroit in ) 都可以翻譯為"擅長於" 那再來 本篇文章豋場人物 除了internet 還有...

    • the meaning of keen-wttedness?

      ...of intelligent; alert; and sharp.Give you a thesaurus of the same meaning in the form of adjective: clever, shrewd, alert, keen-witted, smart, adroit, astute, quick, perceptive, sharp, discerning, responsive.Antonym: dull, slow...