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  1. adults

    • adult的名詞複數
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    • Adult schools...

      ... thing is that, you're obsessed with the dirty image of the "adult school" when you're in Taiwan. For those English native...

    • adult swim 中的swim 是什麼意思???

      ...卡通,一般來說小孩子都睡了。底下有很詳細的說明。Adult Swim, usually rendered [adult swim] on ... across the U.S. to promote the Adult Swim lineup, including handing out...

    • 請問dependent adults的中文

      dependent adult 是個法律名詞 (特別是加拿大) 指一個18歲以上成年人 經濟上無法獨立自主 身體和(或)心理上殘疾 2009-03-29 15:56:27 補充: 這個字常用在社會福利, 財務監管, 和報稅等方面