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    • 有關統計學原文文章需翻中文~急!謝謝

      ...high-sensitivity CRP, an established marker of cardiovascular morbidity and adverse outcome, as the criterion standard to compare the molecules studied. 我們使用...

    • 英文文獻翻中問題

      ...from three) above the proposed cutoffs could define a group with more adverse outcomes, thus providing a way of identifying a smaller high risk group...

    • 請問seroconverters要翻成什麼?

      ...肝膽腸胃科主治醫師 曾岱宗 所發表的文獻 1 中文題目: 血清中B型肝炎病毒量,對於e... Correlate with Long-term Adverse Outcomes in Spontaneous Hepatitis...