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  1. affectedly

    • IPA[əˈfektɪdli]



    • adv.
  2. 知識+

    • 公車班次不多 英文要怎樣說???

      ...can hardly say no. 她說話這麼嗲, 讓他難以拒絕. 至於Her voice is affectedly sweet. 是屬於假裝嬌氣的聲音, 不是她正常的說話聲音. 用來形容刻意的「嗲...

    • 拜託~英文翻譯,進來拯救一下吧~(急)

      ... ahead , initiative individual character of study, everything it knows how to be affectedly bashful the sense of propriety, responsible for one's own behavior. 2----------...

    • 我要precious,tender,dreamt的英文解適

      ...precious: (adj.) 1. Of high cost or worth; valuable 2. Dear; beloved 3. Affectedly dainty or overrefined tender1: (adj.) 1. Delicate; fragile 2. ...