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  1. affirmatives

    • affirmative的名詞複數
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    • 什麼是affirmative duty ?

      affirmative duty 確定的責任 petitioner had no affirmative duty to disclose the information as to the plans of the acquiring companies. 請願者對於揭露購買其他公司計畫的資料沒有確定的責任。

    • too much money in sports?

      Affirmative: 1. Comparing to other occupations, what athletics earns is way too much. 2. High-risk careers are always more profitable. the super-stars make, it is not too much money in sports. 隨手寫出兩點 你參考看看 Good Luck! 2008-09-23 12:47:59 補充: 剛剛發現 Affirmative: 2. 應該是 Negative 的論點

    • 英文文法的”未來進行式”用法為何?

      affirmative statements : 1. I will be leaving the house. 2.May will...