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  1. afford

    • IPA[əˈfôrd]


    • v.
      have enough money to pay for;have (a certain amount of something, especially money or time) available or to spare
    • verb: afford, 3rd person present: affords, gerund or present participle: affording, past tense: afforded, past participle: afforded

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    • IPA[əˈfɔːd]


    • v.
      have enough money to pay for: the best that I could afford was a first-floor room we could never have afforded to heat the place

    Oxford Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • admit + v-ing ,afford + to-v怎背

      ...admit本身是及物動詞, 所以後面加Ving表示"承認某件事/動作" afford奇摩的例句: They did not consider whether they could afford the time or...

    • afford to drive pass的意思?

      把句子分析一下會更明白喔 you can’t even afford to drive pass 前面跟著that,that是關係代名詞,先行詞是restaurant 我想⋯意思是那家餐廳貴到不行,你連開車經過都負擔不起了(更不可能進去吃飯了)

    • 請幫我用 can afford some thing 造句

      We can afford to buy a car.我們負擔得起買一輛汔車。I cannot afford the tie.我沒空。