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    • 請問幾個英文單字的意思

      ... yahoo字典) gratify gladden please cheer suit thrill tickle titillate please highly afford pleasure to fill with joy ravish charm enchant enrapture enthral entertain amuse divert make happy...

    • 幫忙分析一題英文(15點)

      ...afford 用法: ex: We can't afford to pay such a price. (我們付不起這個價錢... not consider whether they could afford the time or not. (他們沒有考慮是否抽... affords us pleasure. ( 跳舞給我們帶來快樂) 圖片參考...

    • 急!!請英文高手幫忙檢查文法對錯

      ...most* popular haunted houses*; A Christmas party always affords* students pleasure in dancing; Drama Performance may give* a good way to enhance students' English skills. The ...