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  1. after lunch

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    • 1. 午餐後 After lunch she talked to her sister, Jane. 午餐後, 她和她的姊妹珍談話。



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    • 四題英文問題,請達人賜教

      ... his habit , he takes a nap after lunch. 1. It 2. Thus 3. As 4...habit(S) is(V) taking a nap after lunch(SC). It is such a golden opportunity...

    • hose the baby off 是什麼意思?

      如果照字面翻譯: I hose the baby off in the sink after lunch. 就是:我用水管沖在水槽裏沖洗嬰兒。 這是在什麼樣的情形下,有人說這...

    • used to可以用always.......before嗎

      ...也有可能不是。 I am used to eating some ice cream after lunch. 則與 I always eat some ice cream after lunch. 很接近。 下面是 used...