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  1. 枯木逢春

    • zhuyin[ㄎㄨㄇㄨˋㄈㄥˊㄔㄨㄣ]
    • pinyin[kumufengchun]
    • Spring comes to the withered tree.;a good fortune that comes after a long spell of bad luck
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • 1. Spring comes to the withered tree.
    • 2. a good fortune that comes after a long spell of bad luck
    • 3. to get a new lease of life
    • later; after; afterwards

    • immediate payment annuity (an annuity contract paid by a single payment and with a specified payment plan that starts immediately after the contract is purchased)

    • [Psychology] aftersensation (a sensory impression, such as an afterimage or aftertaste, that persists after the stimulus has ceased)

    • residual risk (the portion of risk that remains after security measures have been applied)

    • from or after that time

    • then; next; afterwards; after that

    • luxury wannabe (referring to a domestic luxury goods manufacturer that chases after international luxury brands)

    • accelerated depreciation (a depreciation method that allows a greater portion deduction of the cost of depreciable property in the first years after purchase, rather than spreading the cost evenly over the life of the asset, as with the straight-line depreciation method)

    • the influence or power of someone that remains after his death

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