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    • Afterwards和的thenAfter用法?

      ...不久之後」: She was taken to a hospital and died soon after. We went out for dinner. Then, we went to the movies. 這樣寫可以,不過 then 可以直接連結兩...

    • have done,i did用法

      ... First, get over Mary.Next make a new girl friend.   after then: 跟then 一樣 finally: 有點類似中文的"終於,最後"~~&quot...

    • 請問"Ever after"是什麼意思?

      ever after = forever = from then on ever after 就是「從此永遠」。 通常...是 at any time 「任何時間」的意思。 after 是在發生的種種事件之後,所以「在...就是 forever 「永遠」的意思,也是 from then on 「從那時開始一直都....」的意思...