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  1. after

    • KK[ˋæftɚ]
    • DJ[ˋɑ:ftə]


    • prep.
    • conj.
    • adv.
    • adj.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • prep.
    • 1. 在……以後

      After graduation he went abroad. 畢業後他去了國外。

      At half after ten it began to rain. 在十點半下起雨來。

    • 2. 在……後面;隨……之後

      After you with the paper, please. 請您看完報紙後給我。

      She entered the hall after her mother. 她跟隨在她母親之後進入廳內。

    • 3. 低於;次於

      A captain comes after a major. 上尉軍銜低於少校。

    • 4. 鑑於,由於

      After what had happened he could not continue to work there. 鑑於所發生的事情,他不可能繼續在那裡工作下去了。

    • 5. 仿照,模仿

      This is a painting after Picasso. 這是一幅仿畢卡索的畫。

    • 6. 依照;按照……的名字

      The kid was named after his grandfather. 這孩子是以他祖父的名字命名的。

    • 7. 儘管

      After all our efforts, the experiment failed. 儘管我們做了努力,試驗還是失敗了。

    • 8. 搜尋,尋找

      Mary is after a better job. 瑪麗在尋找一個更好的工作。

    • conj.
    • 1. 在……之後

      I will tell you after they leave. 他們走後我再告訴你。

    • adv.
    • 1. 以後,之後

      They arrived shortly after. 不久以後他們抵達了。

    • 2. 在後面,隨後

      Tom went on Monday, and Mary left the day after. 湯姆星期一走的,瑪麗第二天就離開了。

    • adj.
    • 1. 以後的

      His health was declining in after years. 在以後的歲月,他的健康不斷衰退。

    • 2. 後部的

      A few passengers would have a stroll on the after deck before the evening meal. 幾位乘客將在晚飯前到後甲板上散步。


    a. 以後的

    prep. 在……後面

    prep. 搜尋,尋找

    prep. 儘管

    prep. 鑑於,由於


    「prep. 在……以後」的反義字

    • pref. (構成形容詞)表示……之後的(如:an after-dinner speech一篇餐後講話,after-tax profit稅後利潤)

    • n. 【英】【口】正餐最後一道的水果(或甜食)

    • ph. 照顧, 照看

    • What are you looking after? 你在找什麼?

      He's good at looking after his own interests. 他很會照顧自己的利益。

    • ph. 追在...的後面叫喊

    • That student called after the departing teacher. 那位學生對著離去的老師叫喊。

    • ph. 在...之後

    • Summer comes after spring. 夏天在春天之後。

    • ph. 畢竟, 終究, 歸根結底

    • So you've come after all! 你到底還是來了!

      After all, what does it matter? 歸根結底, 那有什麼關係呢?

    • ph. 早餐之後

    • After breakfast he went to the zoo by bus. 早餐後他搭公車去動物園。

    • ph. 渴望

    • In such hot weather, we were all panting after a cold drink. 天氣炎熱, 我們都渴望喝點冷飲。

      panting after revenge 渴望復仇

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    • IPA[ˈɑːftə(r)]



    • conj.
    • after we left, we realized we had forgotten to say thank you 我們離開後才意識到忘了道謝
    • prep.
    • the day after tomorrow 後天

      the week after next 下下週

    • adv.
    • the week/year after 下一週/年

      we left the day after 我們於翌日離開

    • npl.
    • there's fruit salad for afters 甜點是水果色拉
    • adv
    • after all, nobody forced you to leave 別忘了,沒人強迫你離開

      he should have paid: he suggested it after all 該付款的是他:本來就是他的提議

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